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Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
ryan vogelsong's favorite pregame meal. chicken enchiladas. >> baseball players, especially, we have our little -- i like to call them routines more than superstitions. but, you know, i automatic the night before a game a couple of years ago, i had chicken enchiladas and threw the ball well. >> reporter: here at the giants team hotel, this is command central for the toughest ticket in town. stacked in all their glory, world series tickets. the giants full allotment in detroit being accounted for by giants vice president russ stanley's team. it's like being at the u.s. mint. >> it's funny. you don't really look at it that way. it's kind of -- if i was a baker, these would be doughnuts. we're ticket people. you don't look tat the same way, what the value is here. you just want to make sure everyone has what they've requested and you are able to account for it properly. >> reporter: we are only getting started from here in detroit. reports all day tomorrow and we'll be on the lookout for emen in, michael moore, kid rock, magnum p.i. i'm loren scott. >> doughnuts. very interesting. >>> w
Oct 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
a jumbo tron so the fans can see it here like back in 2010. the hero of tonight's game was ryan vogelsong. tonight nbc bay area's lawrence scott talked with his biggest fans. >> all right. we are with ryan vogelsong's mom and dad. as parents, tell me about this. what this means. his biggest game in his life that keep getting bigger and bigger. now another win. >> the dream come true for him. a lot of hard work. and it's unbelievable. >> to see your son persevere like this. how does it feel to be here? >> very satisfying. he just show so much confidence out there. and it is easy to watch now. it wasn't always that way. but now it is easy to watch. >> it is a wonderful story. we're so glad to see it. >> back to everybody in the studio. >> it is easy to watch. our giants coverage continues. still ahead in this newscast. we'll introduce to you a fan from the bay area who spent the entire baseball season in a cave. why she has been let out to watch her favorite team in person on baseball's biggest stage. >>> and this just in. a tsunami warning is in effect for much of the west coast tonight, i
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
, two outs. marco anyone hotter than this guy? a single to center. ryan scores 4-3. giants back on top. bottom of the tenth, two outs, and a 2-2 count and sergio romo is facing miguel cabrera one of the best hitters in baseball and good-bye, game over. giants win 4-3. they are world series champs for the second time in three years. forget about trailing in the division series. forget about trailing in the chchs series. this team never quit, ever. pablo sandoval, named mvp after his three-homer performance in game one. inside champagne everywhere. this was a team pronounced dead in august and now the best team in the world again. and san francisco will host a ticker tape parade on wednesday at 11:00. the parade will begin at the foot of market street and continue down market street to civic center plaza. diane, that's a look at sports. let's go back to you. >> all right. dave. we both grew up on the peninsula, giants fans. this is the first time you have had a chance to cover it locally as well. were you going crazy? excited about getting out there to the parade? how are you feeling? >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3